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About Us


The Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology is an autonomous entity, which is governed by the NIMT Board of Trustees. The NIMT is fully accredited by the Namibian Qualifications Authority for both its vocational and theoretical tuition/training.

Although advances are being made in developing Namibians into skilled and managerial positions within the mining and other industries, it is true that non-Namibians often still dominate such positions. However, it is a stated aim of the Government that Namibians should become increasingly able to effectively take up such positions. With the relatively low numbers of technical graduates required in industry, it is unlikely that the country could support graduate education in the mining extraction disciplines.

There remains, however, a huge demand for artisans, technicians and supervisors in the mining, metallurgy, geology and engineering disciplines. It is here where a gap is perceived in the education facilities within the country, which needs to be bridged for the benefit of the mining, engineering and other industries.

As an independence gift to Namibia, Rössing Uranium Ltd (Rio Tinto) originally proposed to help establish the Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT) to train Namibians in the technical skills required by the mining, engineering and other industries. The level of training is targeted towards providing people with the theoretical, practical and technical skills necessary to effectively take up positions as artisans.