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The Executive Director
Mr. E.D.G. Mueller



It gives me immense pleasure and satisfaction to welcome you to the Website of the Namibian Institute of Mining and Technology (NIMT).

From very humble beginnings – 14 trainees only – the NIMT had been privileged to expand its activities over the last 28 years according to and in line with the needs and demands of our Namibian industry. NIMT’s present size and numbers will hopefully never be stagnant and will increase/grow according to the needs of our country and our SADC member states.

The NIMT tries to fully support the Government of our country in its striving for excellence. NIMT has reached the self-set goals of our GRN programme 2030 – already – and it is not without reasons that industrialised countries label our outcomes to be equal to their artisan training. As we have signed the Protocol of Education and Training for our SADC member states, we agreed – after the findings of the Turner Commission had been discussed and agreed on – to provide to our youth a career-path of life-long learning. Therefore we train and lecture all formal trainees to the best of our abilities. This makes NIMT trained artisans useable and employable.

Should you decide to enrol at the NIMT, you will have to be willing to work consistently and thoroughly. Only those who are serious about their future and love their country, will be successful.

We hope that this website answers all your questions etc. and if not, that you will not hesitate to contact the NIMT Head Office for further information.

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